Deal Direct is the largest direct deal closing secured marketplace!

* Get the best deal possible, and deal directly with offer provider *
* We manage and negotiate on behalf of any intermediary or broker involved *
* Broker chains kill deals, and we fix it for the benefit of all participants ! *

Brokers are always paid under payment management.

Don’t be circumvented and get paid fast!

Deal Submitters, Brokers, Consultants, Reps , Mandates, Intermediaries! Submit your Deal to Deal Direct and let us handle the transaction for you.

Deal Direct facilitates communication between buyers and sellers while protecting all intermediaries/brokers involved in any transaction!

Deal Direct negotiates all commissions and simplifies broker payouts, ensuring that deals are closed and paid quickly!

To ensure a smooth deal close, all Buyers, Sellers, Senders/Receivers, Investors, and all Direct Reps and Intermediaries/Brokers sign NCNDA and fee protection agreements facilitated by "Deal Direct."

Deal Direct Statistics

240 BB + In Total Transactions

85 + Daily Deals

Over 600K + Transactions

16,710 + Direct Deal Users

Why Deal Direct?

Eliminate fake transactions and lengthy broker chains that make it difficult to close buy/sell/send/receive transactions!

Close fast and now !  Secured . Confidential . We protect all Broker/intermediary contacts !

We provide verified unbiased feedback on each transaction's buyer/seller to eliminate fraud and non-performance !

Real-time deal updates, so you don't waste time and can focus on deals you can close right away!

We are compensated as an additional deal intermediary participant who manages all “consultants” paymaster box !

We manage and facilitate all communication, including deal negotiations, between client & provider, buyers and sellers or their direct representatives.

Intermediaries are required to step aside while receiving constant deal updates!