How it works?


Submit a Trade Finance deal, including details about the deal and your contact source, as well as optional destination contacts for potential buyers or receivers.


Deal Direct safeguards and records your broker/consultant information on a genealogy document for all consultants involved in your transaction, while also managing two-way buy/sell communication and connecting sellers and buyers directly, or buyer and seller direct Reps.

Deal direct requires each transaction participant to sign an NCNDA, which includes a buyer and seller fee protection agreement, during registration. All brokers and consultants who participate are protected by FPA and NCNDA agreements signed prior to direct communication between seller and buyer or sender and receiver!


Deal Direct will contact the deal source and facilitate direct communication between the sender/seller and the buyer/receiver, while also tracking all consultants on the deal genealogy. Deal Direct connects seller and buyer representatives quickly with the goal of closing a transaction.


All consultants will be paid through the deal direct paymaster's box, with each buy side or sell side receiving a portion. All consultants or brokers will be protected and fully paid through the Deal Direct paymaster box, regardless of whether they are on the buy or sell side.


Deal Direct will provide complete transparency and updates on a deal to all participants with the ultimate goal of closing a deal, which includes commission negotiation and requiring chain consultants to "Step Away" so the deal can be closed quickly and without undue communication delay.


The deal is agreed upon, the transaction is processed, and the transaction is successfully closed -> Deal direct lodges the fee protection and sub fee pay agreements of all participating consultants with a selected paymaster, as described in genealogy with Deal Direct Paymaster!


Deal is closed . All brokers and consultants are  paid per sub fee agreement (genealogy deal document) by Deal Direct Paymaster !


Keep getting paid and view the complete pay schedule on your Deal Direct interface if the deal includes rolls and extensions! Buyer and Seller are pleased that the transaction was completed without the intervention of a broker chain!