Frequently Asked Questions

Our system and software ensures that any consultant or broker who participates in a deal, submits the deal, or assists in referring another consultant to our system will share in the commission payout with other participating consultants on the deal.

All consultants and referring brokers will be paid on either the sell/sending or the buy/receiver/investor/client sides of a transaction. All will be paid equally, with a slightly higher payout to the direct representatives on both sides of the transaction as an industry standard!

During registration and deal submission, all participating consultants agreed to provide their information and transaction/offer, while the site administrator handles the "temporary removal of all brokers," allowing the direct buyer and seller to communicate and close the deal more quickly and with less difficulty or commission issues. Each buyer or seller is aware that "Deal Direct" requires commission payments to participating brokers and manages them.

The idea is to let buyers and sellers communicate directly while grouping all brokers together under one deal manager , so all reps/brokers/consultants can be paid and agree to let "Deal Direct " handle payment for all consultants/brokers. The goal of Deal Direct is to let every deal participant to  get paid and paid fast on any deal .  In some cases, if a broker has to do a lot of extra work more than anyone else , Deal direct will discuss the matter with other consultants on a deal and evaluate a possible higher individual compensation in such instances. However, usually all brokers/consultants, reps will share evenly on either buy or sell side the commission allocated for a deal.

Deal Direct is committed to serve the best interests of the actual buyer and the seller first, the participating consultants on a deal .The benefit of participating is that deals get closed faster and your payment is assured while all consultants are confident no other consultant is being circumvented or cut off. We also provide reputation and performance tracking on our deals, to ensure buyer, seller and consultant/rep/broker accountability.

Deal Direct tracks each consultant/broker contact made on a deal via user signup, email, and phone tracking, so that each consultant who makes a contact that results in a deal being closed is added to the consultants' buy/sell side commission or sender/receiver commission and compensated and paid. Our back office tracks the process of connecting a seller and a buyer via our online and offline systems. All deal updates are distributed to all participating consultants via our system!

We will notify all participating consultants about that difficulty, and will put pressure on the consultant to comply and assist the other consultants to close the deal.
We will try to convince that broker/consultant of the benefits of all participants in "moving away" while bringing the buyer and the seller together to close the deal.
If this consultant or broker repeatedly "kills" deals we will advise other consultants on our system about that .
We appreciate everyone's effort and will discuss consultants' unique circumstances and possible additional compensation if all other consultants agree. We use a democartic system and a majority decision in terms of handling deal issues. We work to convince all participants of the benefits of  Deal Direct for all involved.

Grayku is a market leader in global trade finance, having built one of the industry's largest networks while focusing on providing industry-specific software solutions that address deal closing inefficiencies. Grayku/Deal Direct is headquartered in the United States with a few additional offices in Europe.

You will earn the same commission as any other participating consultant on the same deal, unless you are a direct representative for a buyer, seller, sender, or receiver, in which case you will earn slightly more due to your deal source proximity.

We track every consultant who generates another source that contributes to the seller-buyer matchmaking process. We track all participating consultants in our admin back office, whether on the buy/sell or sending/receiving side, and add them to the final genealogy as long as they generated a source that assisted in bringing the buyer and seller together to successfully close a transaction.

We utilise multiple paymasters based on the location and nature of the transaction. We are always open to selecting a paymaster for a specific deal that has been agreed upon by all consultants/reps. Rest assured that we only work with trustworthy, reputable industry paymasters.

You may submit an entry in any category related to trade finance, including gold, diamonds, PPP trade, SBLC, money transfers of all types, cryptocurrency, and even project finance and PPP.

No consultant or referral will be able to evade our system, as we track every source generated by a consultant. We operate independently and our primary objective is to protect every consultant who assisted in the closing of a deal! Due to the fact that we manage all consultants, no buyer, seller, sender, or receiver can bypass or circumvent us.

You cannot change the paymaster agreed upon by all consultants in a sub fee pay agreement via Deal Direct Management. You can always inform Deal Direct paymaster where you wish your payment to be sent.

When a deal is closed, all consultants/reps participating in the deal under Deal Direct will be directed to register with the selected paymaster. We will provide you with all necessary forms and confirmation from the paymaster.
All consultants will enter into a sub-fee agreement with the paymaster selected by our management. Paymaster is responsible for compensating all consultants in accordance with the sub fee agreement we would all sign for each deal closing. You must register with each paymaster only once. Typically, Deal direct works with no more than three credible paymasters in the United States and abroad.

You will be notified when a contract between buyer and seller is signed and immediately register/sign a sub fee agreement with all consultants and the actual paymaster selected for the deal. You will be paid directly by the paymaster using the CIS file you registered with the paymaster.

You will register with paymaster once, and the first time a deal is signed with an actual contract, we will send you an email requesting that you sign a CIS and a sub fee agreement. We make every effort to ensure that all consultants involved in a deal sign any agreement digitally, as this simplifies the deal closing process.

Certainly. We will instruct our paymaster to transfer your share or commission to the paymaster of your choice. The primary paymaster is determined by the geographic location of the majority of consultants on a particular deal.

It absolutely does.
We remove the broker chain and assist direct buyers and sellers in transacting quickly, while also expediting payout and commission negotiation on your behalf as your designated consultant manager on a deal!

Deal Direct is compensated in the same way that any other participating consultant is compensated on a deal. We do not charge a higher commission rate than anyone else. Additionally, we coordinate all communications and commission negotiations on behalf of all consultants involved in a transaction. We are accountable for ensuring that a sub fee agreement is signed with the paymaster of choice and that all consultants are registered prior to payout. Additionally, we track each consultant source via Deal Direct software to ensure that all participants are paid fairly and without broker, buyer, or seller circumvention!